Helping People Help Themselves

We firmly believe that recovery is incomplete without rehabilitation and assimilation in society.

Globally, there is evidence that peer led communities contribute to better mental health outcomes. The Foundation offers peer led psychosocial support and a multi-disciplinary model to help those living with mental health conditions on their paths to recovery. It is critical that these affordable services are made available to a cross section of society without discrimination on any ground. Going beyond symptomatic recovery, we believe that it is important to provide persons with mental health conditions the opportunities to earn livelihoods and participate fully in society.

Our Initiatives

Founded in May 2013, Bipolar India is probably India’s 1 st peer support community of its kind. Beginning with its small base in Mumbai, it is now a pan India community, supporting persons with mental health conditions and family caregivers. The safe space that it offers is like an oasis for its community which creates a sense of belonging in the participants. Its unique hybrid model of in-person meets and outreach via virtual platforms keeps the community connected and extends reach to beyond the larger cities of India.

Is a pioneering initiative for providing livelihood opportunities to persons living with mental health conditions. It aims to go beyond placement and also offer mentoring and psychosocial support to the persons thus placed. Advocacy for policy change and implementation is another key thrust of this initiative. Its stellar Core Team is almost entirely comprised of persons living with mental health conditions. This initiative has as its collaborators organisations such as CMHLP, Pune (Centre for Mental Health, Law & Policy), Manorathi and Mariwala Health Initiative.